An ancient Geb artifact, believed by many to be the item used by one or more of the Geb's gods to speak with and convey directions to their people. A fifty foot high tower composed of striated and seemingly random patterns of various metals fused somehow into a single piece with no visible seams. The top of the tower is ringed with large purple crystals inset into the metal, and irregular rays of the various metals used in its construction, resembling tree roots, spread out from its base. The tower has four circular openings, each about ten feet in diameter, spaces evenly around it, about five feet of of the ground. The openings lead to a single spherical chamber composed apparently of the same purple crystal as the stores around its crown. All of the crystals glow faintly, the brightness of the glow pulsing regularly in very slow intervals, each pulse taking about a week to complete under normal circumstances. The pulses speed up marginally if magic is used near the tower. Any attempt to use magic within the tower has proven to immediately infect the wizard with the blood of the gods.

The tower, which lies about 100 miles to the northwest of Ammadhur, is perpetually surrounded by mages and students of the Reevan School, a university of magic that has been studying it for centuries. They study the Word and keep strangers from entering it and possibly harming themselves and others. Despite hundreds of years of study, they have yet to definitively prove its purpose.