The Hollow or The Faceless

Masters of illusion and manipulation.

Normal looking (whatever) except with no face, just an opening that appears usually to open up onto a portal into deep space - they appear filled with sky and stars.

The Hollow are empathic blessed that create illusions and hallucinations in the minds of mortals, do that they can feed on the powerful emotions. Brief contact leaves one feeling calm and dispassionate, incapable of deep emotion for a period if time. Longer exposure can damage minds, as the Hollow feeds on more and more, until they leave their victim mindless and drooling.

There are rumors of some people, usually wealthy and powerful, hiring Hollow to feed on a specific emotions, leaving them for example utterly (if temporarily) fearless.

Some have been known to become addicted to the gaze of the Hollow. These poor souls inevitably are one day found mindless and drooling.

The Hollow are not mindless at all. They are as varied in intelligence and personality as any mortal race. Their kind appear to drawn from all of the various races (save Sava of course), and some come from no race that can be readily identified.

Note that the blooded are not immune to a Hollow's illusions, nor are they safe from his feeding. Some Hollow who have not fully resigned themselves to evil have developed a taste for the Blooded, and will seek them out to feed upon.

Hollow reproduce by draining a blooded of their mind, and then pouring some of their own essence back into their victim. They may also expose the mindless (but alive) body of a victim to the blood after they have new drained, and then pour their essence into the vessel.

The Blessed