Raised by the gods from a tough and tenacious mountain predator. Geb (both singular and plural)  are tribal hunters, with a peculiar sense of honor and fair play, and a fairly sinister sense of humor. They are proud, tough, vicious, and honorable in their own way. 


Not overly known for their skill at arcane magic, but their shaman have their own rites seated in blood (lowercase b) and nature. Many Geb shaman do in fact utilize the  Blood and the power it can grant, but Geb shaman are tough and strong-willed, and can usually hold out against death or transformation for longer than most.



Geb are  humanoid, average 6.5 to 7 feet in height, and are powerfully built.They have wide round eyes that see clearly in the dark, swept-back pointed ears and a narrow strip of mane-like hair. They have underbites with upward-pointing tusks.  They have from 2 to 6 small horns, always an even number, symmetrically placed across their foreheads.  Skin tone ranges from pale white to deep black, through all of the shades of gray in between.


  • Power +1
  • Health +1
  • Grace +1
  • Finesse 0
  • Acumen 0
  • Discipline +1
  • Charm -1
  • Corruption 0

Geb age ranges

  • 0-10 Childhood
  • 11-20 Adolescence
  • 21-50 young adult
  • 51-80 adult
  • 81-90 middle aged
  • 91-95 venerable
  • 96 and up Ancient </li></li></li>