Wenner Farmass was a mercenary and duelist, and recognized by many as one of the finest swordsmen in the region. Bipolar in nature, he was constantly alternating between drunken depression and a manic obsession with testing himself against every swordsman in the land.  When he touched the Blood, and realized what had happened, his manic focus on becoming the greatest swordsman of his age turned him into what he is now, the Bloodblade.

The Bloodblade is a tall thin humanoid, with mottled brown and red skin. His head lolls to the side, his eyes rolling, and he constantly hums, sings random snatches of song, mutters and drools.  His body however moves with incredible grace and speed. With a flick of either wrist, he can call a sword into being, drawing it out from the ever bleeding wounds on his hands. The sword is mottled black and red, appears somewhat crystalline, and the edge of it constantly bubbles, smokes and drips fluid.  Wounds from the sword fester and rot immediately.

The Blessed