Shar male

Male Shar

The Shar are a highly dimorphic lizardlike race. Females are large, tough warriors who enter battle with a stunning roar. Males are smaller and weaker, winged and snake-like, faster than the females, and possessing a venomous bite.

Most chieftains are female and most shaman are male, though this is not universal. Clannish and insular, these amphibious people live in semi-permanent villages that exist partly or mostly underwater, and can be moved to a new location if needed. They are not unskilled with magic, though without the sophisticated enchantments of humans and duer.


Females average about 5'6"', males about 4'.  Females are heavily scaled over thick hide, while males have fine scales over thinner skin.  Males are winged, with a single pair of long arms, with long multi-jointed fingers, and no legs. Females lack wings, but have  humanoid legs

Their necks are long and snake-like, with males resembling nothing so much as a winged snake with limbs. They have a wide range of colors and patterns, with males tending to be more brightly colored than females.


The Shar often revert to the worshipful ways of their ancestors, seek out the relics and blood of their old and dead gods, and as a result many fall to corruption of the Blood. Those that fall are highly dangerous creatures, but are secretly revered, even worshipped, by many Shar.