In their tongue, the word "Sava" means simply "family".  Sava as a rule are gregarious xenophiles who enjoy the company of other races, and famously will accept anyone into their families that can keep up with them, though of course very few actually can for any length of time.   They do not possess much technology, and have no magic at all, in part because they rarely hold still long enough to build much of anything, but mostly because the Sava are uniquely resistant to magic.

No Sava has ever been known to fall to the taint of the Blood, as far as anyone knows.  They actually seem to be oddly immune to the effects of the Blood, and in fact most forms of magic seem to just roll off of them. Especially strange is that members of other races who are welcomed into a Sava family seem to share some of the same resistance and immunity, at least for as long as they stay with their adopted family.  Even simply traveling with a group of Sava for a short time will convey at least some resistance to magic during that time. Note that the Sava resistance to magic is additive - the more Sava in the area, the greater their resistance, and it builds over time. A single Sava, with no family members in the area, will be somewhat resistant to magic, but much more vulnerable then she would be if surrounded by family.

Children are raised collectively by the family group, and form no particular attachment to their biological parents - they do not generally know who their biological parents are.

Sava family groups are named for a single individual who the family chooses based on factors that baffle outsiders, and seem at times to be an inside joke of some kind that outsiders will not get.


The Sava are a vaguely catlike people, and desert nomads. They generally stand between 5.5 and 6 feet, and are thin and wiry of build. Lightly furred, light earth tones in color with varying patterns. They will often dye wild and colorful patterns into their fur.  They are natural long distance runners, and hearty despite their thin and graceful builds, which is vaguely cheetah-like in basic form.

Relationships with other racesEdit

Along with being extremely gregarious, Sava are notoriously omnisexual, and possess no cultural sexual taboos. They usually do not form lasting sexual or romantic relationships, they are both culturally and biologically bisexual in nature, and they will generally happily seduce members of other races, of their own family members, or just whomever happens to be about.

As unlikely a match as it may seem, the Sava and the Duer are very close allies.  The Sava insist that they taught the Duer to laugh and sing when they began to fall to their grief. The Duer differ, and say instead that the Sava were once more like them, but took the Duers' lessons in dealing with despair to ridiculous extremes.