Most believe that the Aelth are the first race, though in fact they are not. The Lotho came first, but were considered a failure by the gods that created them, and were abandoned.  They lived alone in an isolated area for years, with no contact with the other races until well after the death of the gods.

The Lotho were made to be simple - near mindless - warriors. Instead, the giants became philosophers and deep thinkers, with deep a connection to nature, and little or no interest in warfare or gods. The Lotho are herbalists and thinkers, and are generally pacifistic. They are not at all defenseless however, and if they or their love ones are attacked, they can transform into powerful and terrifying beserkers.

Huge and powerful, with a deep natural wisdom. They have an incredible understanding of and communion with nature, are skilled herbalists and alchemists,  and their natural magic is as powerful as that of the Aelth, though more focused on healing and protection then that of the Aelth, which is more aimed at stealth and the savagery of nature.


Giants, eight to ten feet tall, heavily built, with long fur that they wear in elaborate braids. The Lotho are  based on a creature that is the local equivalent of prehistoric giant ground sloths.


It is exceedingly rare for Lotho to embrace corruption, but the very few that do are terrifying creatures to behold. Defilers are huge beastial savages that warp nature around them into twisted and diseased living weapons.