Kheva Rhak: The City of IronEdit

A Geb city built into the side of Mount Riva, in the Khem's Horns range. The city sits astride one of the major passes though the range, and its outskirts dig deep into the mountain, winding trough the extensive iron mines that give it its name.

The Geb miners have recently breached a mind bogglingly huge underground chamber, that once held an underground Duer city, with huge and extensive temples that may once have been the home of an actual god or gods.  The city is now drenched in gods blood, and overrun with seemingly endless undead. The Geb have been fighting the undead incursion ever since they breached the city wall, and have been collapsing tunnel after tunnel. Despite this, the undead are now starting to dig their way up into the mines and the city's lower reaches.