Unlike the other races, which were raised by the gods from baser animals, the Duer were made from the stone of mountains.  

Duer are generally dour and mournful, in character. However, they have a surprising tradition of responding to overwhelming grief with song and laughter to raise themselves out of their depression.  

Duer are tinkerers, and originated much of the alchemical and enchanting magic now used in wealthy cities.  


The Duer average five feet tall, have craggy features, are hairless, have stocky builds, with skin color ranging through all of the colors of stone. In fact, their skin is hard and stone-like, and will even grow moss or lichen if they allow it to.


Duer were close to their gods, closer than most races. They were made to be the guardians of their temples, they were ruled by a tremendous priest class, and as such they were badly decimated by the fall of the gods, and the rain of their Blood.  Today their numbers are small and their underground nations are plagued with Blessed and other cretaures. 

Duer whose grief is so strong as to overcome their ability to laugh often find a deep pool of the physical manifestataion of the Blood and throw themselves into it, emerging as a powerful Blessed being of sadness and temptation.