Called "blood wisps" by most, or "cherubim" by scholars that study the dead gods and their creations, these creatures are invisible and silent, and only semi material (to most). The only way that most people may discern that a Cherubim is present is that  anywhere it touches anything (including the ground) it leaves a bloodstain. It's blood is highly poisonous.

Cherubim are degenerate forms of what amounted to angels, spirit servants of the gods. Originally they were pacifistic, body servants and sex slaves for the gods and their chosen servants. When the gods died, the Cherubim were affected as well, being composed of something like the same stuff. But as theyare only similar to the gods physically, rather than identical, their numbers were drastically reduced, but not utterly destroyed as were the gods.

The few Cherubim that are left are somewhat inbred and highly aggressive, cunning rarher than truly intelligent, unlike their ancestors.

Note that Cherubim now are visible and audible only to those that have been corrupted by the Blood of Gods. To the Blessed and corrupted, they appear as androgynous creatures of unearthly beauty, naked and alluring despite being covered in a sheen of blood. To the uncorrupted, a Cherubim's blood blood is a powerful poison, but to the corrupted it is a powerful euphoric. The creatures seek to kill the uncorrupted and seduce the corrupted.